Our Team

Future Brilliance

Future Brilliance Ltd (a UK registered charity)​ – Sophia Swire, Zahra Hassan, Chris Wallis, Jeff Kaye, Michael Howell and Almira Cemmell were among the co-founders of Future Brilliance UK, registered with the UK Charity Commission in 2013.

Future Brilliance US – Sophia Swire, Tui Shaub and Phillip Walker co-founded Future Brilliance US, registered in 2013 and its subsidiary, Aayenda Jewelry LLC.


Other trustees and advisors include, Phillip James Walker, a co-founder of Future Brilliance, attorney, international development and stabilization expert and former U.S. diplomat; Tui Shaub, Award-winning businesswoman, Hassina Syed (ranked one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Afghanistan), Abdul Raoof Modaqiq an Afghan-born monitoring and evaluation expert and Steve McCurry, who took the iconic photograph of Sharbat Gula for the cover of National Geographic in the 1980’s.