Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Retraining for Afghan Women and Families

Future Brilliance is dynamic, women-led, UK, US, and Afghan registered charity focused on fostering stability in conflict zones through the development of meaningful, measurable skills in women and artisans. However, since the Taliban takeover of Kabul in August 2021, we have reprioritized our efforts to respond to the immediate need of fleeing Afghan women and their families at risk.

Today our focus is on:

  • Rescuing and rehabilitating highly at-risk Afghan women and families;  
  • Providing the following to help refugees in Pakistan as well as girls and women in Afghanistan who need to learn and work from home: 
    • Trauma counseling 
    • Food and accommodation 
    • English language training 
    • ICT skills’ training 
    • Leadership development  
    • Online education and work programs 
    • Work readiness (Addressing skills gaps e.g. nursing)

Since the NATO withdrawal in 2021, Future Brilliance has transformed a $500,000 Gofundme campaign into lifesaving safe passage and essential services for over 1000 vulnerable Afghans.

Old and current photos of Sharbat Gula

Future Brilliance led the joint rescue effort that has brought the iconic National Geographic “green-eyed Afghan girl” to safety in Italy.

Sharbat Gula is the latest in a long line of successful rescues. More than 300 vulnerable Afghan women and their families have so far been given safe passage by our incredible team on the ground. So many more are waiting for your help. 

There are hundreds of high profile, highly educated Afghan women and their families who are stranded in safehouses in Pakistan. They have not yet received the green light for relocation, and may be deported back to Afghanistan.  

Although many of these individuals are skilled, it is not possible for them to earn an income at the moment, so Future Brilliance has been housing, feeding, and covering any necessary medical expenses for close to 200 asylum seekers in their guesthouse and two neighboring guesthouses. Unfortunately, both time and funds are running out.